Integrated LED Solar Street Light


  • The design of the integrated solar street light absorbs the inspiration and energy from the universe ,and combines today’s best green energy portfolio (solar energy ,semiconductor led light source ,dedicated battery for street light ) it uses excellent practical control technology ,such as micro controller ,thermal infrared human body induction etc.,combines with the simple integrated structure design ,perfect implementation of low power consumption but high brightness ,long life span and free maintenance ,excellent waterproof and heat dissipation at the some time with convenient installation .
  • All the advantage above make it the most popular green and energy-saving product .

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Solar panel  18V 40W mono-crystalline silicon
Solar panel Life time:  25 years
Battery Type  lithium battery(Life time 5 years) 12V 18AH
LED Max power  12V 20W
Lumen  2000-2200lm
Charge time(by sun):  6 hours (with enough strong shine)
Discharge time  15 hours(full power), more than 30 hours (half power)
Lamps main material  Aluminum alloy
Dimension  920*295*44mm

led street light application