ModelC Integrated Solar LED Street Light


  • Integrated Solar LED Street Light:Integrated design, convenient installation, Components are easy to change, cost saving , small volume,easy to transport.
  • PIR motion infra-red sensors and intelligent controller, to ensure the effect of the lamps and lanterns lighting ability
  • Professional heat dissipaiton design,Professionalwaterproof design, protection grade IP66
  • USES of rotating lamp arm to multi-angle adjustment, it is suitable for different latitude regions and different forms of light pole installstion requirments.coration, Square, Sidewalk, Driveway, hotel etc.
  • Power Available 20W 30W 60W

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Model FL-STLC30WD2
LED Max power 30W
Solar panel 18V 40W monocrystalline silicon
Solar panel Life time 25 years
Battery Type Lithium battery(Life time 5 years) 12.8V 18AH
LED Flux 100-120lm/W
Charge time(by sun) 6 hours (with enough strong shine)
Discharge time 12 hours(full power), more than 24 hours (half power)
Lamps main material Aluminium alloy
Dimension 667X357X70mm
Model FL-STLC30WD2
LED Max power 60W (1063X526X90mm)
Solar panel 18V 80W monocrystalline silicon
Model FL-STLC20WD2
LED Max power 20W (540x280x70mm)
Solar panel 18V 45W monocrystalline silicon