Integrated LED Solar Street Light


Integrated LED Solar Street Light :

  • Integrated design without cable,simple and diverse installation,various lamp pole with low cost(iron pole, wood, bamboo, plastic etc).
  • Energy saving and environment friendly by perfect combination of solar power and LED lighting.
  • High capacity and long life Lithium iron phosphate battery,5-year theoretical working life and high-temperature resistance, makes the whole light a longer life
  • Safe and reliable Rain-proof design.
  • Alumina Alloy is used for main structure in order to prevent dusty and corrosion.
  • Different power control according to time period, lower brightness when less people after midnight, in order to save energy and improve practicability.

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Solar panel 18V 60W  monocrystalline silicon
Solar panel Life time: 25 years
Battery Type lithium battery(Life time 5 years) 12V 24AH
LED Max power 12V 40W
Lumen 4000-4400lm
Charge time(by sun): 6 hours (with enough strong shine)
Discharge time 15 hours(full power), more than 30 hours (half power)
Lamps main material aluminium alloy
Dimension 1126*325*44mm

12w all in one intergrated solar street light