LED underground light


LED underground light

  • Use this in-ground light for landscape lighting, architectural lighting, garden lighting, tree uplighting, submerged pond lighting, and more.
  • The light has cool white, warm white, red, blue, green, or RGB illumination.
  • Stainless steel body ,waterproof,durable, excellent heat dissipation, silicone seal, waterproof,5mm-10mm high strength tempered glass, all screws are stainless steel,optional plastic embedded cause.

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Model FL-UGL1*1WA4
Power/Dimension 1W / Φ80*H60mm
Voltage DC12
IP Rating IP67
Beam Angle 10/15/30/45/60 degree
Lifespan 50,000H
Warranty 3 Years
Model FL-UGL3*1WA4
Power/Dimension 3W / Φ80*H60mm
Model FL-UGL3*1WA4
Power/Dimension 3W / Φ80*H60mm
Model FL-UGL6*1WA4
Power/Dimension 6W / Φ140*H60mm
Model FL-UGL9*1WA4
Power/Dimension 9W / Φ180*H60mm
Model FL-UGL12*1WA4
Power/Dimension 12W / Φ200*H65mm
Model FL-UGL18*1WA4
Power/Dimension 18W / Φ230*H65mm
Model FL-UGL24*1WA4
Power/Dimension 24W / Φ250*H60mm
Model FL-UGL36*1WA4
Power/Dimension 36W / Φ300*H60mm

led underground light