What is Red Light Therapy?
LED light therapy applies a narrow spectrum of visible light. It appears red to our eyes and rests between 630 nm and 660 nm. Near-infrared light therapy devices deliver frequencies of 800 nm to 850 nm directly to your skin.
Scientists have only begun to discover the benefits of red light on the skin.These frequencies rest within certain bandings measured in nanometres (nm).
Light therapy can provide beneficial frequencies to the body without the damaging side effects of UV rays and free radicals.
Professional dermatologists administer light therapy already. Now, with BON CHARGE, you can have red light therapy from the comfort of your own home.

Technical Specification:

Product Name Handheld Red Light Therapy Device
Model FL-RLT01
Size 150x90x30mm
Output Power 12*5W
Number LEDs 12pcs
Beam Angle 90°
Working Temperature -20℃ to 40℃
Wavelength 12pcs 660 nm (Red) and 12pcs 850 nm (Near-Infrared)
Optical Irradiance >15.8 mW/cm2 at 3inch
Input Voltage DC5V 2A
Charging Time 2 hours
Working Time 5.5 hours
Battery Capacity 4000mAh
LifeSpan 50000 hours
Package Included 1pc Host + 1pc Adapter + 1pc USB Wire + 1pc Manual + 1pc Protective Eyewear + 1pc Travel Case