Solar LED Street Light Solar Panel

Solar street lights become more and more popular . Solar street lamps are mainly consist of solar panel, solar controller, lithium battery, light sources. We are going to talk about solar power panels today.

Solar power panel, also known as “solar chip” or “photovoltaic cell”, is photovoltaic semiconductor slice that use solar light to generate electricity directly. Single solar cells cannot be used as power supplies. As a power source, several individual solar cells must be connected in series, connected in parallel, and tightly sealed into components. Solar street light utilized solar power panel to absorb sunlight for producing electric power. So solar power panel is the most important and most valuable parts of solar street light. There are vatious types of solar power panels
Crystalline silicon solar power panels: polycrystalline silicon solar power panel, monocrystalline silicon power panel
Amorphous silicon solar power panels: thin film solar power panel, organic solar power panel
Chemical dye solar power panel: Dye Sensitized Solar power panel
At present, crystalline silicon, including polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon, is the main photovoltaic material. Its market share is more than 90%, and it will still be the mainstream material of solar power panel for a long time to come. There is no difference between polycrystalline silicon solar power panel and monocrystalline silicon solar power panel. It only differs in that monocrystalline silicon solar power panel has the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency among all kinds of solar power panels at present, is about 15% and the highest is 24%, but the manufacturing cost is so high that it cannot be widely used. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon solar power panel is about 16%, and the manufacturing cost is lower than monocrystalline silicon solar power panel. However, the service life of single crystal silicon is longer than polysilicon solar power panel. For the cost-effective to consideration, monocrystalline silicon solar power panel is better than polycrystalline silicon solar power panel.