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Solar Street Lights:How Smart They Can Be?

Solar Street Lights:How Smart They Can Be? Solar street lights represent an innovation in the lighting industry with many documented advantages over traditional sodium-based street lights. However, despite all the attention given to solar LED street lights, the anticipated market boom over the last 10-15 years has not happened yet. Even though, market analysis predicts that […]

Five Reasons Why Solar Street Lighting Is A Smart Decision For Cities

为什么太阳能街道照明是城市的明智决策的五个原因 在过去十年左右的时间里,您可能已经听说过太阳能路灯的许多不同应用。 When you think about it, the locations fit for solar street lights are not as limited as many would suggest. People perceive limitations in solar street light applications caused by weather conditions (lack of sun) and shading. However, the introduction of smart technology and the sheer amount of under performing outdoor lighting units […]

Solar LED Street Light Solar Panel

Solar street lights become more and more popular . Solar street lamps are mainly consist of solar panel, solar controller, lithium battery, light sources. We are going to talk about solar power panels today. Solar power panel, also known as “solar chip” or “photovoltaic cell”, is photovoltaic semiconductor slice that use solar light to generate electricity directly. Single […]

Led Light Can Save Energy And Promote Sales

Led Light Can Save Energy And Promote Sales The modern retailer understands the role of various lighting configurations in enhancing customer experience and generating sales. Ambient lighting eliminates gloomy areas in the store, whereas task lighting helps staff and customers complete business transactions. On the other hand, accent lighting enables retailers to highlight specific products […]

7 Misunderstanding and facts of LED Lighting

7 Misunderstanding and facts of LED Lighting When it comes to commercial LED lighting, there are a lot of rumors going around out there about what LED lighting is, how it works, and its benefits. Like any relatively new product, opinions are formed based on both facts and fiction. It is important to know the […]

How Will Solar Energy Be Used 20 Years From Now?

How will solar energy be used 20 years from now? The future is always hard to predict. But by tracing current trends in energy use, the solar energy industry, and scientific research into the future, we can pull back the curtain just a bit to steal a glimpse of what solar power might look like […]

How To Choose A Solar Street Light Manufacturer

How To Choose A Solar Street Light Manufacturer ? The industry of solar street lighting manufacturing has advanced immensely from 2008 to today. Many solar companies have emerged as solar lighting experts, but how can you know if the solar street lighting manufacturer is a company that you can rely on? The following five questions […]

Benefits Of Choosing Solar Lighting

Benefits Of Choosing Solar Lighting Solar lighting systems provide security and illumination in needed areas when grid power is unattainable or costly to bring to a site, where a company is looking for a grid alternative to showcase their green initiative, or for companies looking to get LEED points for a new project installation. Solar […]