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Incorrect Installation Method Of Integrated Solar LED Street Light

Incorrect Installation Method Of Integrated Solar LED Street Light

*If there is an obstruction at the installation location(the blocking of the sun’s rays by leaves and buildings etc. will affect the absorption and utilization of light energy),the solar panel charging rate will be reduced.

*Above the solar panel , there should be no obstructions such as wires and branches, otherwise it will leave a shadow on the solar panel battery. The long-term shadow will cause the battery panel to be unable to fully charge and cause short circuit, the battery of the solar panel is connected in series, so the short circuit will cause the whole solar panel cannot work.

*Install the lamp on the same side or incline face to face

The installers may install the solar panels face-to-face in an inclined symmetry style for aesthetic reasons, but if one side is correct, then the other side is wrong. On the wrong side, the charging efficiency will be reduced because the sun rays cannot directly irradiated on solar panels.

*The tilt angle of the solar panel installation will lead to low charging efficiency of the solar panel.

Principles to adjust panel angle: Maximum charging efficiency- sun rays directly irradiated on solar panels . Adjust the horizontal tilt angle of the solar panel according to the latitude and longitude of different locations.

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